Why Double Pane Windows Are Worth the Investment

Double pane windows Oviedo FL

Double pane windows are worth the investment because they lower energy costs, make the temperature in your home more consistent and reduce outside noise pollution. Depending on the size and style of your windows, they may cost more upfront but the decrease in your energy bill will help pay for them in no time at all.

Energy Efficiency

Double pane windows offer a number of energy efficiency benefits that can help homeowners save money on their utility bills. They prevent cold air from seeping into homes during the winter and hot air from escaping in the summer. They also help insulate homes from outside noise pollution.

Homeowners who are concerned about the environment may want to consider getting ENERGY STAR certified double-pane windows. These windows have a lower U-factor and are more efficient than traditional window glass. They can reduce energy usage by 30 percent, which can help decrease a home’s carbon footprint.

Another energy-efficient option is fiberglass windows. They’re more durable than vinyl and don’t lose their insulating properties as quickly as aluminum. They’re available in a wide range of styles, including bay and bow windows. They can also be installed with a spectrally selective glass coating that helps deflect the sun’s heat, making them even more energy efficient. The cost of ENERGY STAR-certified double-pane windows is higher than regular glass, but the long-term savings will offset the initial investment.


The number of panes on replacement windows can make a difference in how long they last and how energy efficient they are. The more panes on a window, the stronger and more durable they are. This durability factor is particularly important if you live in an area that experiences frequent extreme weather conditions like Oviedo FL.

Many homeowners are unsure about how many panes are right for their homes, and that is why it is recommended to hire a professional double- or triple-pane replacement window contractor. They will be able to provide you with information about how many panes will work best for your home, and they will help you create a budget that is appropriate for your window replacement project.

A trusted Oviedo window installation company will help you pick the right windows for your home, and they can also assist you in selecting other home improvement projects that will improve your Oviedo property.


Double pane windows are available in a variety of design and style options that can enhance the aesthetics of any home. They are also more durable against weather damage and provide better energy efficiency than single pane windows.

Double-pane windows eliminate condensation that can occur in single pane windows by trapping a small amount of water in between the two window panes. This reduces the air flow between the window panes, minimizing the risk of fogging.

Additionally, double-pane windows are able to stop outside noise pollution from infiltrating your home. This is especially helpful if you live near a busy street or have noisy neighbors. Outside noise can negatively impact your sleep, productivity and mood. By providing a barrier against unwanted noise, Double pane windows can greatly improve your quality of life. They are also a desirable feature for future homebuyers and add to your home’s value. This makes them a wise investment. You can recoup the initial cost through your energy savings.


From the scorching summer sun to the freezing blasts of winter, your windows are responsible for much of your home’s temperature exchange. When they’re properly sealed, double pane windows keep outside air from entering your home while letting in cooling air, which helps save you money on energy costs.

Having double pane windows does require a little maintenance to keep them performing as they should. Standard window cleaning methods are all you need, which means using a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or rag to wash your exterior and interior glass. Avoid power washing, which may discolor the window frame finish.

A common issue that many homeowners face is moisture or dirt accumulating between the two window panes. This is a sign that the seals are not functioning properly and can be remedied by a professional window expert by separating the windows and resealing them. For a quick fix, you can also try running a dehumidifier near the affected window.