The Importance of Durable Entry Doors

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Entry doors play a critical role in the security of your home. They also contribute to its energy efficiency. A good door should be durable and have a great appearance.

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Whether it’s the threat of break-ins, compromised home security, or severe weather damage, your front door plays an important role in protecting your house. For that reason, it is essential to maintain your doors and ensure they are in good condition at all times.

One of the most effective ways to increase your front door’s security is by using security film. Made of thin vinyl, it can be applied to all glass in the door’s frame. It works similarly to anti-shatter coating on automobile windows, and if an intruder attempts to smash the window, they will be met with a wall of sharp glass that is extremely difficult to penetrate.

Another way to increase your front door’s security is to install a solid core wood or steel door. These doors are more durable than traditional wood or fiberglass models and can stand up to wind-borne debris and strong winds. They also offer superior insulation, which can help reduce your energy costs.


The doors of a house are one of its most vital components. They not only contribute to the first impression people have about a home, but also protect it from outside elements and improve energy efficiency. This is why it is essential for homeowners to invest in durable front doors that are easy to maintain.

Moreover, the materials used in making front doors should be resistant to humidity and harsh UV rays. In addition, they should be able to withstand cold temperatures without becoming warped or rotting. This is why many homeowners choose fiberglass entry doors, as they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and have a long life.

Fiberglass doors are compression-molded in a variety of styles and can be fitted with sidelites and transoms. This allows you to customize your door with a style that matches your home’s architectural design and complements your decor. In addition, fiberglass doors are extremely durable and have strong insulating power, which helps reduce your energy costs.

Energy Efficiency

A door’s materials and insulation play a key role in its energy efficiency. Metal is a poor conductor of heat, but it can be made to be more energy efficient with the addition of fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass is also a strong and durable material, resistant to dents and other damage.

Look for doors with the ENERGY STAR label and a low U-factor and high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The SHGC is a measure of how well a door keeps out solar heat. A low number is preferred in climates that require cooling, and a higher number is preferable in those that need heating.

A good choice is a steel or fiberglass-clad wood door with Low-E glass and a polyurethane foam insulation core. This combination provides more insulating value than a solid wood or single-pane steel door, and the glass helps keep the interior of your home comfortable through all seasons. In addition, the ENERGY STAR label can help you qualify for rebates.