Door Installation Cost in Oviedo FL

Adding unique add-ons like glass panels, carvings or custom trim significantly increases the cost of an interior door installation. This type of project is best left to professionals who have the experience and expertise required.

Reframing a doorway to accommodate a larger door size is also an expensive undertaking. Removing and installing a new frame could also interrupt wall-based electrical components.


Replacing your doors is an excellent way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and security. Energy-efficient doors will help you save money on your utility bills and keep your home comfortable all year round. They also offer better protection against Florida’s harsh weather conditions and reduce noise between rooms.

The cost of installing a new door depends on the materials, style, and location. The door itself is the most expensive part, but installation charges can add up as well. A basic closet door costs $50 to $150, while a solid wood or steel exterior door can cost up to $1,500. The price can increase significantly if you need to modify your wall opening or want unique add-ons.

Some of the most popular door styles include sliding and bifold doors, French doors, and patio doors. These doors can dramatically increase your living space and provide more natural light. These doors are more costly than single or double interior doors.


A door installation project requires labor to build and install a frame, attach hinges, and create a latch. The labor cost to build a new door frame is about $250, including the cost of disposing of an existing frame. This is the price for a “slab” or basic door. If you’re installing a prehung door, the cost will be lower. Jambs are the individual sides of a door frame, and creating one on-site will add about $150 to your costs.

Custom door installation projects are usually more expensive, as they require specialized expertise. Additional customizations such as wrought iron details, smart locks, and sidelights for your entryway will increase the overall project cost. The addition of sliding doors or french doors can also add to the total price. These options are designed to open up interior living space while limiting noise. They are ideal for smaller rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. They can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal.


When it comes to door installation, the primary costs come from labor. Labor charges can climb based on the size of your door, how large your wall opening is, and what add-ons you want. Custom trim and glass paneling are both popular additions that can drive up the price. These tasks require purpose-built tools and extra time, so limiting customization is the best way to save on your project.

Reframing or resizing your wall opening can also increase the cost of your project. This work may interrupt or relocate wall-based electrical components, so it’s important to talk to a pro about options for rerouting these items if necessary.

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Final Cost

Door installation costs can go up if you choose to customize the design or add add-ons. The best way to lower your door installation cost is to stick with a standard single or double interior door and limit customization options. For example, adding deadbolt locks will add to the overall price.

Another factor in determining your total door installation cost is the style of door you choose. Solid core doors are more expensive than hollow core ones. They also require a resizing of the existing frame and drywall installation, which can increase labor costs.

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