Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are an attractive addition to any home. They add light and space to the interior of a home while keeping privacy from people outside. They are also impact rated and come in various sizes.

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Energy Efficiency

The expansive glass panes of sliding doors let natural light flood into the room, reducing your need for artificial lights and lowering your energy costs. In fact, they can make your home feel more spacious and inviting.

Choose a sliding door with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) in a climate that requires cooling and a high SHGC in a climate that requires heating. Also, look for a U-factor rating to keep heat from escaping.

In addition to allowing fresh air to circulate, the large glass panes of sliding patio doors give you a wide-open view of your backyard. This gives you a sense of security because it lets you watch your children or pets play outside, making it easier to respond quickly if they’re in danger. In addition, impact sliding patio doors help protect your home from the pounding rain and flying debris of hurricanes and storms. They meet or exceed strict building codes to withstand high winds and forceful debris pressure.

Low Maintenance

Sliding glass doors allow natural light to enter your home and provide a clear view of the backyard. They also enhance your home’s aesthetic. However, like any other door in your house, it needs to be properly maintained. If your sliding door is not functioning properly, you should hire a professional to repair it immediately.

It is important to keep your sliding glass doors working properly because they allow you to connect with your outdoor space. This seamless indoor-outdoor flow allows for airflow and saves energy. Additionally, you can open your sliding patio doors at your leisure to let cooler air in or keep hotter air out. In addition, if your doors are hurricane impact sliding glass doors, you can enjoy protection from high winds and other severe weather conditions.

The best way to keep your sliding glass doors functional is by cleaning and lubricating them regularly. Replacing rusted components will also help to keep your doors in good shape.


Sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any home, allowing natural light and uninterrupted views to flood the interiors while promoting a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. They are available in a wide variety of frames and finishes, and can be customized to match any aesthetic preferences or functional requirements.

Sleek, sliding door hardware adds a clean, modern aesthetic to any room. However, it’s essential to keep track of the condition of the sliding glass door track and frame, as rusting can cause the doors to stick or get damaged. Using a lubricant formulated specifically for sliding door tracks can help resolve this issue and restore smooth operation.

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Sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can also make your house more vulnerable to break-ins. Because of their large, sizable glass surfaces and flimsy locks, they’re a tempting target for criminals who want to get inside quickly.

Sliding doors typically come with basic latch locking systems that can be easily bypassed, and they’re easy to shift or lift off the track, granting criminals quick access. Luckily, there are many ways to improve sliding door security and protect your home.

Installing a jimmy plate, which looks like a flat piece of metal and blocks the lock mechanism on a sliding glass door, is one way to protect your home from break-ins. You can also add a second lock, which will prevent your door from sliding open if you forget to close it or if the first lock is compromised. Adding shatterproof or security film to your sliding doors can also help prevent criminals from breaking the glass and entering your home.