5 Types of Vinyl Windows for Your Home

Vinyl windows Oviedo FL

Windows are critical for the safety and functionality of your home. A trusted window installation company can help you choose windows that meet your aesthetic preferences and comply with state requirements for hurricane-prone areas.

Look for windows made from durable materials with good energy efficiency ratings and design flexibility. Ensure they’re available at a reasonable price and come with warranties.


Rooted in historical architectural designs, traditional windows offer a timeless appearance. These replacement windows are perfect for Oviedo homeowners seeking a classic look.

Vinyl window frames are durable, scratch resistant, and don’t corrode or rust. They’re also easy to clean. And, if you opt for ENERGY STAR rated vinyl windows, they’ll help reduce your energy costs. Especially during the winter months.


Modern windows are crafted from advanced composite materials to resist wear and tear. They feature sleek sight lines and are ENERGY STAR rated for energy efficiency.

Full frame window installation fits a replacement window directly into the existing frame. It is preferred for home renovations and new construction projects in Oviedo.

If glare is a concern, consider tinted glass for your Oviedo replacement windows. It cuts down on incoming sunlight and reduces heat in summer.


A popular choice for homes in harsh climates, vinyl windows provide superior insulation. They are also moisture resistant and don’t swell or crack like aluminum and wood.

They’re made from a durable plastic, which can be molded into almost any shape. They are energy-efficient, which means homeowners can recoup the cost of installation by saving on their electricity bills.


Windows are crucial to a home’s function and style. If yours are old or inefficient, you should consider replacing them with high-performing models.

Craftsman windows evoke handcrafted charm, and they are ideal for traditional homes. They offer superior ventilation and can blend seamlessly with features like sliding glass doors.


Replacing outdated windows with energy-efficient ones can help you save money on utility bills. They can also improve your home’s curb appeal and boost its value.

A popular choice for residential window replacement in Oviedo, awning windows open outward and operate with a crank handle. They provide excellent ventilation and unobstructed views. This window installation type offers privacy and security, as well.

Single Hung

Unlike other windows, vinyl frames are resistant to moisture and do not swell or shrink. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for homeowners.

These windows feature two moveable sashes, allowing them to open up both upwards and downwards. They are ideal for new homes or renovations and provide improved ventilation. They also pair well with sliding doors.

Double Hung

Featuring two moveable sashes, these windows can be tilted inward for easy cleaning. They are great for homes with second-story windows or in areas that require ventilation.

Narrow frames maximize glass area and deliver unobstructed views. They also offer improved energy efficiency, thanks to insulated frames and weatherproof seals. A popular option for new construction and major renovations in Florida.


A top-hinged design prevents rainwater from entering while still allowing for air circulation. They are an ideal choice for rain-prone areas.

Renewal by Andersen offers a broad spectrum of windows that suit any architectural design. They are low-costing and boast excellent performance ratings.

Their narrow frames maximize glass area for expansive views. They also feature energy-efficient materials and shape-retaining capabilities. They can be paired with sliding doors to create a seamless blend.


A favorite among homeowners, garden windows create a cozy indoor nook and offer picturesque views of the outdoors. They also maximize natural light and are perfect for growing herbs.

With two moveable sashes, these windows allow for superior ventilation. They’re great for homes in Florida’s tropical climate. Ask for ENERGY STAR-rated windows to reduce your energy costs.


Unlike sliding windows, these hinge on the side and open outward. They offer unobstructed views, excellent ventilation, and a sophisticated look.

JELD-WEN windows feature strong frames and multiple design options for homes in Florida’s tough climate. They also meet energy efficiency standards.

Full frame window installation fits a replacement window inside the existing window frame. It is ideal for older or inefficient windows.