Upgrading Your Patio Doors in Oviedo FL

Upgrading your patio doors is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the look and functionality of your home. Choose a model that fits your budget and aesthetic preferences.

If you live in a hurricane-prone region, opt for impact-resistant patio doors. These feature special laminate that withstands blunt force without shattering. They come with double-paned glass and argon filling for improved insulation.


Installing new patio doors is a straightforward way to boost resale value. A high-quality door is a desirable feature that prospective buyers look for when shopping for a home. It can also help you achieve a more efficient home design by providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Aluminum patio doors are a smart choice for Florida homes as they can resist corrosion, rust, and warping. They also have slim frames that maximize the glass area for a more unobstructed view. They can be designed in a wide range of styles and materials to fit any home design.

Impact doors are a great addition to Florida homes, offering protection from damage caused by extreme weather events. They differ from conventional windows in that they can withstand blunt force without shattering, making it difficult for intruders to break into the home. In addition, impact glass can reduce the risk of flying debris during a hurricane by preventing it from entering through broken window panes.


Known for their strength and durability, steel patio doors are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for Florida’s humid climate. They also provide excellent insulation, helping you save on your energy bills all year round.

Wood replacement doors offer a classic look, and are available in many stain and paint options to suit any home design. They require more maintenance than other types of doors, but they are a great option for homeowners who want a traditional aesthetic.

Multi-slide patio doors slide and stack against each other, creating a wide opening that blends indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. They are perfect for homes with larger wall space and can be designed in a variety of styles to complement any architectural style.


Wooden patio doors are a traditional choice for homeowners who want to create a sense of distinction in their home’s design. They can be painted and stained to suit a wide variety of aesthetics, allowing you to match your new door with the color scheme of your home. They’re also a natural insulator, ensuring your home stays comfortable throughout the seasons.

Hinged and sliding options are available, offering a space-saving solution for homes in Oviedo with limited wall space. Bi-fold patio doors are a popular option for larger openings, blending indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.

Patio doors are designed to protect your family from intruders, too. They can be fitted with impact glass to provide an additional layer of security against flying debris and unintentional break-ins. This feature is especially important for families with young children and pets.


Vinyl is an ideal material for patio doors because it resists moisture and rust. It also offers superior insulation, helping you save money on energy costs in the long run. Vinyl windows don’t transfer heat well, enabling you to maintain your desired indoor temperature without running the HVAC.

Vinyl patio doors are affordable and low-maintenance, a significant benefit for homeowners with a limited budget. They’re also durable and resistant to stains, termites, and corrosion. In addition, they provide a sleek appearance that elevates the look of any home.

Sliding vinyl windows open horizontally, with one moving sash sliding over a fixed sash for easy operation. They offer a contemporary style and are popular for their space-saving design. Hinged doors are another popular option, opening by swinging outward. Double-hung windows allow you to open both the top and bottom sashes for airflow. Bay and bow windows extend outward from the wall, providing a larger view and more natural light for Oviedo homes.