Window Companies Near Me

Window installation companies can help homeowners select windows that increase the value of their home and improve its curb appeal. They can also offer options that reduce energy costs by keeping the summer heat outside and the cold air inside.

Look for a company that offers comprehensive quotes with clear expectations and constant contact throughout the process. A reputable contractor will provide references from previous clients and a solid track record of customer satisfaction.


Tinting your windows protects your building from harmful UV rays. It also helps reduce glare and saves on energy costs. A commercial window tinting service will help you choose the right film for your business.

Popular among homeowners seeking home window replacement in Oviedo, bay windows offer a cozy indoor nook and expansive views. For a more contemporary look, bow windows feature an elegant outward curve. Frosted glass provides privacy without sacrificing natural light.


If you want your home windows to withstand the Florida climate, look for a provider that offers tinted glass. This type of window helps reduce glare and heat while meeting stringent energy efficiency standards. You can also get decorative windows with frosted glass for privacy.

Full frame window installation involves removing the existing window down to its rough opening, then installing a new one. It is ideal for old or inefficient residential windows. Alternatively, insert window installation fits a replacement within the existing frame. This method is quicker and suits specific residential window types.


A casement window swings outward, using a crank handle, and allows for an unobstructed view and excellent ventilation. They are also more difficult to break into compared to other window styles.

Our Oviedo window replacement and repair specialists recommend these windows for new constructions and renovation projects. They are also ideal for reducing glare and heat from the sun. They come in a variety of glass options that are stylish and meet energy efficiency standards.


Rooted in historical architectural designs, traditional windows offer a timeless appearance that integrates seamlessly with features like sliding doors. Oviedo window replacement professionals recommend these options for Florida homes seeking a classic look.

Awnings redirect rain away from doors while adding a decorative touch to a home. They protect interior fabrics from fading and help lower energy bills.

Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, from small to large. They are also a great choice for commercial properties that need to protect against the sun, snow and rain.

Single Hung

Single-hung windows offer a classic appearance that complements most home styles. They also provide a high level of energy efficiency that can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

However, they require more maintenance than double-hung windows. Cleaning the operational bottom sash is easy enough, but the top sash requires more effort and a step stool to reach.

Choosing the right window style is crucial when constructing a new house or replacing existing windows. Learn about the pros and cons of different window options to make an informed decision.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows allow homeowners to open both the upper and lower sashes, creating increased ventilation and airflow in their homes. They also offer a safe and convenient way to clean a window without having to go outside or hire a professional window cleaner.

However, they typically cost more than other types of replacement windows and require a little more maintenance. Additionally, they can be more difficult to shut if you have small children living in your home.

Aluminized Steel

When you’re considering a window replacement project, the type of material you choose will impact the cost. Homeowners typically make this choice based on aesthetic preferences and energy efficiency goals.

Aluminized steel combines the strength and durability of carbon steel with the surface qualities of aluminum. It is manufactured through a hot-dip process that assures a tight metallurgical bond between the aluminium and the steel base. This provides a stronger and more durable product than stainless steel. It has superior corrosion resistance and oxidation protection at high temperatures, while maintaining its strength.


Milgard is a vertically integrated window manufacturer that produces their products from start to finish. Their vinyl windows are crafted to work in harsh climates and are resistant to swelling, rotting, and breakage.

Single hung windows have one operable sash that slides open to allow air flow into a room. Milgard offers a range of single hung windows, including the Tuscany V450, Trinsic, Style Line, Ultra, and Wood Clad series.


If you’re looking for replacement windows with a high energy-efficiency rating, consider choosing Simonton. This company is a big-name brand that offers an extensive line of products that include awning, casement, double-hung, gliding and picture windows. It also makes bay and bow windows.

This collection features narrow frame styles and customizable hardware options. It’s engineered with argon gas and Low-E glass to help homeowners save on their energy bills.